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В оргкомитет поступили следующие статьи для публикации в журнале IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE):

  1. Aleksandrov V., Kopysov S., Tonkov L. The generation of the jet at the interaction of a vibrating plate with a liquid
  2. Badriev I., Banderov V., Makarov M. Mathematical Simulation of the Problem of the Pre-Critical Sandwich Plate Bending in Geometrically Nonlinear One Dimensional Formulation
  3. Belyaev A., Eliseev V., Irschik H., Oborin E. On static contact of belt and different pulleys
  4. Belyayev Y. Conversion of elastic waves as a result of diffraction in anisotropic layer
  5. BerezhnoiD., BalafendievaI., SachenkovA., SekaevaL. Investigation of deformation of elements of three-dimensional reinforced concrete structures located in the soil, interacting with each other through rubber gaskets
  6. Berezhnoi D., Gabsalikova N., Izotov V., Miheev V. Modeling of deformation of ground media on the basis of the particle method in a two-dimensional formulation
  7. BerezhnoiD., Gajnulina L. Investigation of the processes of deformation of super flywheels made by packing its layers on each other
  8. Biller A., Stolbov O., Raikher Yu.Elastic properties of magnetorheological elastomer: description with the two-particle mesoscopic model
  9.  Bochkarev S., Lekomtsev S. Aeroelastic stability of cylindrical shells interacting with internal annular fluid flow
  10. Boltachev G., Volkov N., Lukyashin K., Markov V., ChinginaE.Influence of particle size distribution on nanopowder cold compaction processes
  11. Bondarenko A., Riabkova N., Kazakov A., Trufanova N. The modeling multi-layer flow taking into account viscoelastic properties
  12. Burmasheva N., Prosviryakov E. An exact solutions of large-scale layered convection when specifying tangential stresses on a free boundary
  13. Erofeev V., Leontieva A., Malkhanov A.Spatial localization of nonlinear waves spreading in materials in the presence of dislocations and point defects
  14. Ershov S., Trufanova N. Numerical studies of the polymer melt flow in the extruder screw channel and the forming tool
  15. Evgrafova A., Sukhanovskii A., Kuchinskii M., Popova E. Inuence of geometrical parameters on convective ows in non-uniformly heated cylindrical uid layers
  16. Frolov M., Chistiakova O. A functional-type a posteriori error estimate of approximate solutions for Reissner-Mindlin plates and its implementation
  17. Gerasimov O., Koroleva E., Sachenkov O.Experimental study of evaluation of mechanical parameters of heterogeneous porous structure
  18. GilevV., KondyurinA., RusakovS. Investigation of epoxy matrix viscosity in the initial stage of its formation
  19. Goldobin D., Mizeva I. Conjecture on reflectionlessness of blood-vascular system as a wave-conducting medium
  20. Gorshkov A., Prosviryakov E. Complex large-scale convection of a viscous incompressible fluid with heat exchange according to Newton's law
  21. Khalilov R., Kolesnichenko I., Teimurazov A., Mamykin A., Frick P. Natural convection in a liquid metal locally heated from above
  22. Khramtsov I., Palchikovskiy V., Siner A., Bersenev Yu. Investigation of vortex ring formation with account for generator piston motion
  23. KozitsynaM., TrufanovaN. The numerical study of the coextrusion process of polymer melts in the cable head
  24. Lipatov I.Some models of viscous gas dynamics
  25. Losev G., Khalilov R., Kolesnichenko I. UDV study of a liquid metal vortex flow
  26. Lyubimova T., Parshakova Ya., Skuridin R. Numerical modelling of meniscus deformations and flows in a liquid bridge subjected to axial vibrations
  27. Lyubimova T., Zubova N. Vibration effect on the Soret-induced convection of ternary mixture in a rectangular cavity heated from below
  28. Maryshev B. Transport of dissolved gases through unsaturated porous media
  29. MatveevA. Multigrid finite element method in the calculations of three-dimensional composite plates and beams of irregular shape
  30. Mizeva I. Phase coherence of 0.1 Hz microvascular tone oscillations during the local heating
  31. MoshevaE., ShmyrovA. Effect of the universal acid-base indicator on the formation of the concentration-dependent diffusion instability
  32. Oshmarin D., Sevodina N., Iurlov М., Iurlova N. A search for optimal parameters of resonance circuits ensuring damping of electroelastic structure vibrations based on the solution of natural vibration problem
  33. Paimushin V., Kholmogorov S. Consistent Equations of Nonlinear Laminated Beams Theory in Quadratic Approximation
  34. Palchikovskiy V., Khramtsov I., Ershov V., Gornova D., Selivanova A. Aeroacoustic investigations of subsonic jet in PNRPU anechoic chamber
  35. Pavlinov A., Khalilov R., Mamikyn A., Kolesnichenko I..Eddy current flowmeter for sodium flow
  36. Pimenova A., Gazdaliev I., Goldobin D. Specific interface area in a thin layer system of two immiscible liquids with vapour generation at the contact interface
  37. Presnetsova V., Romashin S., Frolenkova L., Shorkin V., Yakushina S. The adhesive and antiadhesive non-local interaction of solids
  38. ProsviryakovE., SpevakL.Exact Solutions for Stationary and Unsteady Layered Convection of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid with allowance for Slip Behavior at the Bottom
  39. Rogovoy A., Stolbova O. Modeling the behaviour of shape memory materials under large deformations
  40. Sharifulin A., Lyubimova T. Structure of critical perturbations in a horizontal layer of melted water with the prescribed heat flux at the boundaries
  41. Smirnov S., Konovalov A., Myasnikova M., Khalevitsky Yu., Smirnov A. Hierarchical modeling of deformation and damage of metal matrix composite under uniaxial loading conditions
  42. Stepanov R., Plunian F. Kinematic dynamo in a tetrahedron composed of helical Fourier modes
  43. Stepanov R., Titov V. Heat transfer in the infinite layer with a fractal distribution of a heater
  44. Sukhanovskii A., Evgrafova A., Popova E. Instability of cyclonic convective vortex
  45. Teimurazov A., Frick P., Stefani F. Thermal convection of liquid metal in the titanium reduction reactor
  46. Terekhina A., Plekhov O., Kostina A., Susmel L. A comparison of the two approaches of the theory of critical distances based on linear-elastic and elasto-plastic analyzes
  47. Tsvetkov R., Yepin V., Shestakov A. Numerical estimation of various influence factors on a multipoint hydrostatic leveling system
  48. Vasiliev A., Sukhanovskii A., Stepanov R. Numerical simulation of helical ow in a cylindrical channel
  49. Vshivkov A., Iziumova A., Panteleev I., Prokhorov A., Ilinykh A., Wildemann V., Plekhov  O. The study of the dissipation heat flow and the acoustic emission during the fatigue crack propagation in the metal

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